The global nuclear industry shapes the future


Join us for the global nuclear industry's premier event

As World Nuclear Association membership has grown to encompass almost every enterprise in the global nuclear industry, the annual World Nuclear Association Symposium has established itself as the industry's foremost international meeting, attracting an attendance of over 600 leaders and specialists from more than 30 countries.

The Symposium is also drawing increased attention from non-industry professionals who recognize nuclear power's central importance in securing our world's energy and environmental future.

An event not to be missed offering extensive networking opportunities, Q&A sessions, interactive panel discussions, a large exhibition and fantastic social events. 

Who will attend the Symposium?

  • CEOs and Executives from utility and reactor vendors
  • Fuel suppliers and buyer managers
  • Uranium producers, converters, enrichers and fuel fabricators
  • Nuclear fuel brokers, traders and consultants
  • Transporters of nuclear materials
  • Managers from engineering and construction companies
  • Nuclear energy equipment and services suppliers
  • Energy economists and analysts for financial and investment institutions
  • Government policymakers and regulators
  • Waste management, decommissioning and used fuel managers
  • Nuclear lawyers
  • Communicators
  • Members of the press